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We help new and full time investors grow their investments by buying precious metals in hyperinflated economy.

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We at Pinnacle Gold Exchange have been reaping the benefits for 25+ years. If you’re a conservative who’s looking for a stable and safe investment for utilizing your retirement funds, you’re in the right place.

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The Precious Metal Market is one of the most stable investment options that has been around for centuries.

Did you know that this commodity is more than 2500 years old?

This market is one of the safest options for diversifying risk. It’s also one of the rare commodities having:

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If you’re looking to invest your life savings in a fixed deposit or life insurance just to keep it ‘safe’, then I’ve got news for you.

Money loses its value over time so it’s important to have a growth rate to protect yourself from the effects of inflation.
That’s why we help people like you invest in a better and inflation-free future.

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IRA eligible metals

Gold American Eagle

U.S. Mint

Silver American Eagle

U.S. Mint

Gold Canadian Buffalo 2021

Royal Canadian Mint

Silver Canadian Buffalo 2021

Royal Canadian Mint

Gold American Buffalo

U.S. Mint

Silver American Buffalo

U.S. Mint

Gold Bar


Silver Bar